Bridging the Information Gap in Federal Health

As federal healthcare agencies migrate to digital operations, the expectations are to deliver now while not losing sight of the next customer journey. Building on a long-standing history of implementing dozens of large-scale federal health programs, National Government Services provides solutions that accelerate system modernization. We help agencies navigate change and solve the most demanding challenges that impact healthcare recipients, providers and end-users.

  • Integrated Approach
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange

Modernizing the Federal Enterprise

Integrated Approach
Customer Relationship Management
Electronic Data Interchange

Technical progress should never come at the cost of disrupting critical operations. We collaborate with our customers and stakeholders to build solutions that integrate the latest tools and technology into their existing systems. Our expert engineers have decades of federal health IT experience and fully understand how to improve federal health IT architecture.

  • Integration of Multi-vendor Products
  • Create Greater Efficiencies
  • Reduce Risk and Control Cost

Today’s healthcare consumers rely on data transparency and quick access to their essential health information. To deliver, federal agencies must leverage technology that can quickly adapt and bring data elements and systems together for initiative views and ease of navigating to help end-users deliver on their promises to provide the best care.

  • Contract Holder for CMS' Next Generation Desktop (NGD)
  • NGD Program Appraised at CMMI Level 5
  • Capacity to Field Over 1M Inquiries per Month

With more providers leveraging the speed and efficiencies of electronic data interchange, federal health agencies require support to process over a million transactions a day. EDI solutions from National Government Services are optimized to provide the best services possible for the providers and clearinghouses that leverage our technology.

  • Constant Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Easy-To-Navigate Interface
  • No Manual Processes
  • 99% Uptime
  • Less than 1% Rejection Rate
Industry Fact

“$6.4 Billion- Health and Human Services projected annual spending for IT modernization.”

Source: Office of Management and Budget
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