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For more than half a century, National Government Services has helped federal health agencies evolve technologically from paper charts to complex integrated data systems utilizing APIs, automation, cloud migration and other emerging processes and technologies. Our experience allows us to anticipate program needs - while our transformative technology and integration expertise helps transition federal health agencies into the future. As a result, we ensure that every next step is the right step in the evolution of federal healthcare.

  • Human-Centered Design
  • Agile Practices
  • Comprehensive Security
  • Data Management

Driving Federal Healthcare Technology Forward

Human-Centered Design
Agile Practices
Data Management

National Government Services embraces a human-centered design approach to creating and implementing digital health solutions. The needs of providers and beneficiaries form the foundation for building our services. We focus on the right mix of technology and problem-solving abilities to identify pain points and holistically address the obstacles that impact effective healthcare IT.

Why Human-Centered Design is the Driver Behind a Solid CX Strategy
Human Centered Design

Federal healthcare is not a static space. Shifting regulations and changing processes require a partner that can help agencies remain flexible. National Government Services employs a scaled agile framework to ensure the technology that keeps federal health agencies running is flexible and integrated.

Our digital health solutions optimize the flow of operations, leveraging SAFe agile coaching and lean-agile leadership to ensure that the next step for agencies doesn’t create the next vulnerability.

The HCD process requires partnering, learning new skills, changing mindsets, and embracing challenges
Agile Practices

Federal health digitization necessitates close attention to security procedures and practices. Our security solutions react to disruptions and proactively work to prevent them through continuous monitoring and dynamic incident response. With our help, our customers can take advantage of the next technology breakthrough without creating the next vulnerability.

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National Government Services leverages modern data management practices to enable our customers to do more with their data. Our centralized and intuitive data management processes simplify the complexity of healthcare data management, so providers can quickly access beneficiary information and informed customer service associates can answer questions faster and more efficiently.

Considerations and benefits of successful healthcare data management
Data Management
Government Fact

“80 percent of government IT spending is used to operate and maintain existing IT investments, including aging (also called legacy) systems”

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