Helping Government Improve Operational Efficiencies

At National Government Services, we are transforming federal healthcare by creating more efficient processes, empowering technology, and amplifying change that’s more certain for complex and critical missions. Our business process solutions reduce provider burden, ensure proper payments, and improve beneficiary engagement. All while securing the future of what’s next for the evolution of federal health.

  • Ensuring Proper Payments
  • Reducing Provider Burden
  • Streamlining Administration
  • Enhancing Beneficiary Experience

Streamlining Federal Health Operations

Proper Payments
Reducing Provider Burden
Streamlining Administration
Beneficiary Experience

Preventing fraud, waste and abuse are essential to the continued operation of our federal health agencies. We implement financial solutions that improve the speed and accuracy of provider reimbursements.

National Government Services monitors 6 million claims a day while consistently placing rigorous quality checks to ensure that money flows where it should, saving taxpayer dollars and safeguarding the system for generations to come.

  • Financial Solutions
  • Overpayment Recovery Unit (ORU)
  • Management of the Medicare Trust Fund
  • Audit & Reimbursement
  • Fraud Prevention Solutions
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Proper Payments

We embrace a human-centered design methodology that places those that provide our healthcare, doctors and nurses, at the center of all we do. By encouraging, and consistently opening up multiple channels of communication with our providers, we are able to create a meaningful dialogue with those that serve us. Our steadfast commitment to our mission results in reduced time providers spend on administration tasks, allowing them to focus on what matters: their patients.

  • Provider Education Programs
  • Medicare University
  • Tailored Educational Resources
  • High-Touch Customer Service
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Provider Burden

When federal health programs run smoothly, our nation’s agencies can better accomplish their missions. National Government Services has decades of experience in federal health program administration and the innovative spirit to help agencies evolve. National Government Services leverages past lessons to create a guide to the future, so health agencies have a certain and meaningful path to what's next.

Steamling Administration

Our commitment to improving the health of the communities we serve is unwavering and powered by sophisticated analytics, intuitive educational resources and innovative digital services.

  • Self-Service Web Portals
  • Accurate Data
  • Quick Access to Information
  • First-Time Resolution to Inquiries
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Beneficiary Experience

“National Government Services really kept the trains running, but also pushed us forward with Quality Payment Program, the IPC portal and so much more, thanks for all you do!”

CMMI IT Director - CMS
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